Do you keep hearing everyone talking about authenticity, knowing who you are and not really worrying about what other’s think about it?  I know I do!


It seems everywhere I turn, newspapers, magazines I keep hearing this message.  But how is one supposed to blaze their own trail, so to speak, when raging against the tide of social pressure is a hugely demanding task.  One that seems daunting, with the resistance you will receive. Besides we  are social creatures and by nature want to be included in the group.


We source our beliefs from the world around us, constantly performing a reality check. Searching the reaction and behaviors of others to make sure we’re not out of line. Usually we abandon independence and sense of self to get lost in the crowd where it is safe.  But playing it safe, is not trusting ourselves and living our true desires is it? So must of us end up pretty miserable or at least numb, going through the motions, what I call – sleep walking through life.


First, is believing what the masses believe, wrong?  No, in fact most of the time it’s right on the money. But on the other side, ignoring everything that everyone else believes and living in your own reality is a pretty good definition of insanity.


As Mark Twain said, whenever you find yourself on the side of the masses, “it’s time to pause and reflect.”


Just like everything else in the world, finding balance is key.


You can follow your own heart, blaze your own trails, wake up out of your trance, in fact this is the best way to living a life of joy! The simple solution is to be aware of the limits of the world at large and choose which beliefs you would like to follow. While at the same time following your own heart and being an architect of your own reality.


Living this way is a good definition in my opinion of genius.


Your beliefs, particularly about yourself, create your reality.  Ask yourself what is most useful and valuable to believe right now. Reality is persistent and social pressure will often try and force you to adopt a particular belief set.


What areas in your life do you want to break free from conformity and start carving your own ground? Some people know immediately, others are not really sure what it is they want to create.  Whichever is you, always pay attention to your own thoughts and feelings and take action to creating a life that you design.  Begin to understand the feeling of something when it limits you as well as what brings you joy is a great first step. It is listening to this internal knowing that will bring you closer to your dream.