I’m sure everyone reading this has set a goal, whether it was New Year’s Eve goals, fitness or monetary goals and come up far short of meeting them. In fact I am pretty sure most of the goals people set never come to fruition.

I know I certainly have.

Is is lack of will power? Clarity? or just plain losing interest? Whatever the reason you can do a few simple things to light your goals on fire. Once I started applying these few simple things to my goal setting and guided my clients to use them as well I noticed a big difference in achieving my goals.

Want to know what I found that worked? The secret formula for achieving goals is fairly simple but it is quite serious.

There were four significant things I did that allowed me to significantly increase my odds of reaching my goal.

1. Decide with clarity exactly what you want. Desire is a good thing! So decide what you want, picture it In detail, full of colors! Get crazy, get fun and get very specific! Let go of resistance to desire and wish. What is it you really want?

By nature we are goal oriented individuals. Our brain tries to align our outer world with what your brain is expecting in our inner world. If you begin to pay attention to something in your inner world, all of a sudden you will see it in your outer world. Even though it has always been there. When you define your goals, you give your brain something to focus on and look for. Once you have a clear goal you may begin to “see” things, resources, circumstances, people, and resources in a whole new way.

2. Now that you know exactly what you want. Illuminate the steps backwards. Step-by-step until you know exactly what action to take today in this moment. Sound hard? Not really, if you desire to be an author in one year. Picture you with your book, who is your publisher, how do you find them, In 6 months your first draft must be done, maybe you decide to do a chapter a week, where are you doing your research, what is your topic, to today, do you believe you can be an author?

Working backwards let’s you see with clarity the steps that must be completed. Of course things will change along the way but the point is to get moving, today, in the direction of your end result. Remember a goal without a plan is just a wish. So get your plan of action mapped out and begin taking massive action.

3. This one is a big one! When you have accomplished your goal, what is that you feeling? Proud, excited, accomplished, successful?? Really get into the feeling of you achieving your goal? What do others say to you? Where do you feel it in your body?  Really explore what it will be like when you have completed your goal, and anytime you are lacking motivation, feel that feeling of completion. It motivates you to move into action and get one step closer. I believe feelings are the FUEL of motivation!

4. Celebrate the small wins!  Be proud of the steps you are taking towards your goal. You want to be your own cheering section! Recognize what you are doing to get you towards your dream. By celebrating the steps you are taking you will reinforce the feeling of accomplishment and fun.

These may sound overly simple, that you may even just ignore them. But I promise if you take the time and do the steps you will find that your goals are within your reach and you and your accomplishments will be on fire!