Every time you provoke a positive emotion, you increase your creativity, stamina and will power. Curiosity and love are just two of the emotions you can learn to provoke anytime, anywhere. Doing just five things that make you feel better per day is a great way to start shifting your emotions to the positive.

Are you wondering why you should make time to do things that make you feel good? Positive Emotions like pride, excitement, curiosity, relief, gratitude and amusement don’t just feel good, they actually change your body chemistry and make you stronger.  Medical research has proven that positive emotions protect you against heart attacks and stroke, boost your immune system and help you grow neurons even faster.

That is why I call feelings the “fuel” of motivation and change. The more feeling you can put into something you want the faster you will get it.  Scientific studies have also proven that positive emotions increase your creativity, your stamina, and your will power.

Want to wake up and exercise but struggle with the motivation? Before you go to sleep think of how great you would feel after you completed a hard work out. You would feel your muscles sore but knowing they were getting stronger, maybe pride and definitely some endorphins pulsing through your system, making you feel alive. Also feel how great it would be to be in the body of your dreams. Then “see” or visualize yourself waking up tomorrow and getting out of bed with those feelings of excitement as you go exercise.

To get these great benefits, you don’t have to be positive all the time. That would be impossible, of course. Not to mention the fact that you would annoy everyone as well!

What you want to do is achieve the 5:1 ratio.

That’s 5 positive emotions for every 1 negative emotion.

So when you’re feeling stressed hurt, anxious, angry, sad, or just plain not good — do 5 quick things that feel good to get back in the zone. This 5:1 ratio also works in relationships. For every negative act, you will need to do 5 positive ones to keep it in balance..