How it works

Most of my clients are not clear with what they really want in life. They are feeling stuck, disconnecting, numb and going through the motions. Often doing what they are “should” be doing, not what they want to be doing. They may have patterns and habits that are keeping them from their goals and unhealthy beliefs that are keeping them in place. Together we will challenge those beliefs, interrupt the habits that don’t serve you and create new neuron connections to rewire your brain to a happier and more optimized you.

Step 1: Discover

The first step is by examining our inner conditions, what are you feeling and thinking on a daily basis. We are made up of our past experiences. Everything that we saw and experienced is imprinted into our minds, bodies and energies. All of this programs our mind and leaves us with certain tendencies and behaviors. Most of these tendencies are unconscious and by running these unconscious programs it creates the life that we lead. Awareness is the first step in breaking these programs. Taking charge of your body, mind and emotions will give you the ability to start controlling your destiny.

Identifying what it is you do want to create in your life, your strengths, values and passions are all in this first step. I will use various assessments and exercises to help you gain clarity of where you are and where you want to go.

Step 2: Empower

Through our coaching sessions, I teach you how to manage you inner-world which will allow you to take control over your outer-world.  It is empowering to begin to gain control over your mind. During our sessions, I will offer you various tools to do just that. You will learn more about the patterns that you are running and how you can manage your psychology and develop emotional resiliency to face problems head on and with inner strength. We will identify your resources and make sure you are using them.

Step 3: Transform

Through this process you will notice that you and your life will begin to transform.  You will begin to see that you CAN make epic transformations and see real success. I am here to offer support and guidance to help you to  shift perceptions that may be holding you back or acting as barriers to you moving forward. During the transformation step you will see that the power lies in the decisions we make in the moment.  Action is what coaching is all about, so during our coaching sessions we discuss your willingness and readiness to take action and then implement changes. I help you to gain clarity and develop your goals and set realistic timelines in achieving them.

My wish for you is to connect with a deeper self that you may have never known before. Life becomes deeper, richer, and more rewarding. Instead of searching “out there” for mission and purpose, you will feel it rise from within. And you will have the inner strength and resolve to accomplish it. It takes a guide or coach to show you that there is another way to live. If you are ready and this resonates with you, take charge of your life by selecting one of the one-on-one coaching packages below.  I look forward to the opportunity to possibly work together in helping you achieve the higher potential you desire!



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