Are you sleepwalking through life?

Do you keep hearing everyone talking about authenticity, knowing who you are and not really worrying about what other’s think about it?  I know I do!


It seems everywhere I turn, newspapers, magazines I keep hearing this message.  But how is one supposed to blaze their own trail, so to speak, when raging against the […]

Emotional Resilience is Good For You

Every time you provoke a positive emotion, you increase your creativity, stamina and will power. Curiosity and love are just two of the emotions you can learn to provoke anytime, anywhere. Doing just five things that make you feel better per day is a great way to start shifting your emotions to the positive.

Are […]

Having an Optimistic Mindset Can Help

What is optimism? Who is an optimist? What is an optimistic mindset? These are the questions one can ask when oneself when you are feeling down and out.  Arriving at the answers can help pull you out of an impending depression and may help you squarely confront all the things that are not going […]

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