Are you sleepwalking through life?

Do you keep hearing everyone talking about authenticity, knowing who you are and not really worrying about what other’s think about it?  I know I do!


It seems everywhere I turn, newspapers, magazines I keep hearing this message.  But how is one supposed to blaze their own trail, so to speak, when raging against the […]

Set Your Goals on Fire!

I’m sure everyone reading this has set a goal, whether it was New Year’s Eve goals, fitness or monetary goals and come up far short of meeting them. In fact I am pretty sure most of the goals people set never come to fruition.

I know I certainly have.

Is is lack of will power? Clarity? […]

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Emotional Resilience is Good For You

Every time you provoke a positive emotion, you increase your creativity, stamina and will power. Curiosity and love are just two of the emotions you can learn to provoke anytime, anywhere. Doing just five things that make you feel better per day is a great way to start shifting your emotions to the positive.

Are […]

Can you really rewire your brain for success?

Yes, you can rewire your brain!  Using the latest scientific and neurological research to retrain your brain. In the past decade, scientists have discovered that the brain is not a rigid organ like it was once believed. It can be molded based on its owner’s experiences, activities and thoughts.

What is interesting is that whether […]

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