Resiliency: An individual’s ability to create patterns of positive adaptations to stress and adversity


Resiliency & Successful Habits

A person with a resilient mind has a clear understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, resources and values and can perform and plan at their highest potential. Your mind is your greatest tool. My programs combine techniques based in science and ancient wisdom to help you quiet your mind, eliminate limiting beliefs and allow you to take control of your mind to bring you the success you crave. Companies such as Google, General Mills, LinkedIn, Ford Motor Company and more are using these techniques to optimize their employees. Evidence proves that in just minutes a day you can feel calmer and more connected, enhance creativity and problem solving, reduce stress and recover more quickly. Why just survive when you can thrive?

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Crosstraining For Your Brain

I am passionate about helping people to access the necessary states they need to succeed to wire in resiliency and to thrive in their world, to feel more connected and comfortable with themselves. By using simple exercises backed by science you can begin to incorporate them into your life. Tools that can rewire how the brain responds to stress and awareness training.

Just like going to the gym for your body to stay physically fit you can mold your mind to serve you. Science has proven that our brains are always changing and growing, its called neuroplasticity, and by using specific mind games you can maximize your minds ability to perform, increase clarity of thought, intuition, Self-trust and focus.

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Listen in each week to new episodes. The Resilient Mind Radio is where you can discover tools and tips to optimize your mind and reach your fullest potential. This is where ancient wisdom collides with cutting edge neuroscience to have you living happier, healthier, and more! Discover how to use your best tool – your mind – top optimize your life quickly and easily.

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